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What I Eat In A Day • Vegan


What I Eat In A Day • Vegan •••⠀
Here’s a new what I ate today post (from last week)?? Just a small note: I eat intuitively and my current „goal“ is to just eat healthy and feel good (no weightloss intentions or changing my body in any way). I also don’t count calories, however, I counted the calories from this day in retrospect, to give you a better overview. .⠀
❤️ Breakfast – Scrambled Tofu with Whole Wheat Toast, Tomato Sauce for Dipping, Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Banana slices .⠀
? Snack 1 – a hand full Walnuts (~ 20g)⠀
? Lunch – Salad with Tofu, Kidney Beans, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Nuts & Balsamico Dressing⠀
? Snack 2 – 2 small Mandarins .⠀
? Dinner – Vegan Chili with Quinoa and Whole Wheat Toast⠀
? Dessert – a piece of Chocolate (~ 25g)⠀
Total Calories: 1868⠀
Carbs: 216g⠀
Protein: 93g ⠀
Fat: 71g⠀
Macro Ratio: 47C/20P/33F [%]⠀ [ad_2]


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