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3 Minute Mug Brownie

3 Minute Mug Brownie. I’ve been experimenting with a lower calorie, flourless br…


3 Minute Mug Brownie. I’ve been experimenting with a lower calorie, flourless brownie for almost a year. I have yet to get it right. I’m not convinced it’s possible to keep it lower calorie. To make these all you need to do is mix everything in a mug and then microwave it for 1-2 minutes .
Every time I post my brownie experiments on my stories I get suggestions that I should try applesauce. This is what I came up with. I’m not going to lie to you and say it doesn’t taste like a brownie made from applesauce because it does. It’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever eaten and it needs work but if you want something to scratch your itch for a sweet treat, it gets the job done. It would be much better if you tossed a few chocolate chips inside of the mix but that will also make it higher calorie. Most of the calories currently come from the protein powder so it’s not like it’s an issue especially if you need a dose of protein. I think casein protein might help out with the structure a bit. Next experiment will be with casein. .
I’m convinced that 95% of these healthier desserts people make are actually terrible and just look pretty. My low calorie dessert experiments almost never turn out well. Making desserts with healthier ingredients isn’t too difficult though. The problem is trying to cut back on the calories. I still haven’t decided if it’s worth it or not to try and make these desserts instead of just eating the real thing. I like the challenge of trying to create the products more than anything.
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