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Taco Breakfast Bowls


Taco Breakfast Bowls . This is my favorite breakfast to make. It is quick, high in protein, and has great flavor ?
The salsa roja is the star of this dish. For those of you who have followed me long enough know that I always preach the importance of adding an element of freshness to your meal preps. Making your own salsa seems like it can be overwhelming but this version is quite simple and easy. All it takes is a few minutes in boiling water and then blend everything together! It’s crazy how much better it tastes than the canned stuff. .
In this recipe I used ground beef for the meat but you could just as easily use ground turkey. Because you are flavoring the meat with taco seasonings you can get by with using the less flavorful meat. When I make this, I cook the eggs at the beginning of the week and include them in each meal. They certainly aren’t as good on Day 4 as they are on day 1, but it can still work. I choose to do it this way as a time saver but if you’d prefer fresh eggs, just make them each morning. Luckily scrambled eggs are super quick ?

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