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Philly Cheesesteak Bowls


Philly Cheesesteak Bowls. These Cheesesteak Bowls are my go to recipe when I am crunched for time on a Sunday and still need meals for the week. If you are good with a knife you can whip these up in about 30 minutes ??
You’ll notice that there is no bread included with this meal. You could easily throw this on a hoagie if you wanted to but I’m not a bread eater. To compensate for the lack of bread I include zucchini and mushrooms on the bottom layer to add some volume to the dish. This keeps the carbohydrate content of the meal low at about 10g per serving. The meat is a boneless chuck roast that is sliced thin to allow for quick cooking and lots of flavor. .
I’m working on putting new stuff together but I need your help on some things. I’m wondering what your pain points are? What do you struggle with? Is it knowing how to cook? What to cook? What is healthy and what isn’t? How to calculate macros? How to know if you’re eating the right amount? Let me know please ?

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