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Pesto Chicken

Pesto Chicken from The Meal Prep Manual – 60 Minute Meals and Pineapple BBQ Chic…


Pesto Chicken

Two flavorful meals that can upgrade your meal prep game

Having a strong flavor component in each of my meals is usually a focal point when I’m developing recipes. On the left side is the pesto and on the right is pineapple. Both items are flavor producers that act as the captain of the dish. Pesto is such a great way to add flavor to meats, specifically chicken breasts because it’s full of fat. I don’t heat up my pesto with the meal but you could pour it over the chicken if you wish. The pineapple is the flavor star on the right side. It pairs well with the sweet, smoky flavor in the barbecue sauce. I do heat up the pineapple when I reheat the dish. It just makes things easier. ⁣

2.5lbs chicken thighs ⁣⁣
1/4 cup Vinegar based BBQ sauce⁣⁣
2 large sweet potatoes ⁣⁣
2.5 cups frozen broccoli ⁣⁣
3 cups of pineapple ⁣⁣
2-3 tbsp olive oil⁣⁣
1. Lightly coat the chicken thighs in a little olive oil and grilled them using a cast iron grill pan. ⁣⁣
2. When they have cooked through, cut it into one inch pieces and put it back in the pan and add about 1/4 cup of a vinegar based BBQ sauce. ⁣⁣
3. The broccoli is just frozen chopped broccoli and pineapple is a fresh pineapple. ⁣⁣
4. Chop the potatoes into a small to medium size and roast at 400F in some olive oil for 20 minutes, flip halfway through. ⁣⁣

❓Can I use chicken breast?⁣
❗️So obviously yes. ⁣

❓What are the macros if I use chicken breast?⁣
❗️You can calculate that yourself. ⁣

❓Why are you being so difficult?⁣
❗️Well well well if it isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. ⁣

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