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Crispy salmon, broccoli, and buttery garlic cauliflower rice


Crispy salmon, broccoli, and buttery garlic cauliflower rice ?? Salmon is always my go to dinner of choice when I’m feeling fancy ? Aka when I want to spend the money to buy wild caught salmon haha ? It’s definitely a little pricey and I don’t always splurge for wild caught but when I do, I know it’s going to be a good evening ? -⠀
Needed a little pick me up on this Friday so salmon was a pretty good choice ? Also made a new cookie recipe that I’m excited to share soon so I maybeeee had just a *few* of those (batter doesn’t count, right? ?) Just a simple meal over here this evening to fuel a nice run ??‍♀️ then yet another evening of wedding stuff ? Word of advice: if you’re doing all DIY stuff… don’t procrastinate ? I am SUCH a procrastinator (Eli’s the literal opposite) and I joked with my stepmom last week if he realized how much I still had on my to do list, he’d back out of the wedding ? We’ll see if he reads these long captions or not ? Off to get that run in and have a productive evening ??‍♀️?? Yayyy for the weekend ? -⠀
healthydinner details ?? 1 piece of salmon sprinkled with garlic and chipotle seasoning cooked for 3 mins on each side in olive oil over medium heat (heat the skillet first) + broccoli broiled (500F) for 7-8 mins + cauliflower rice cooked in 1 tbsp of ghee + 1 tsp of garlic powder



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