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Here is a collection of Mexican Inspired meals that can be used for meal preppin…


Here is a collection of Mexican Inspired meals that can be used for meal prepping. Asian food and Mexican food are two of my favorite types of cuisine so you’ll see a lot of them on this page

The Salsa Chicken recipe can be found on my feed August 25. It’s a recipe that takes very little effort, doesn’t have a ton of calories, and has a decent amount of volume.
The Chorizo Breakfast Bowl recipe can be found on my feed April 22. Chorizo is pretty high in calories so the portion size in this meal is fairly small. Eating more indulgent foods in moderation is fine and encouraged. Food is awesome and cutting out the best food forever doesn’t make life very fun.
The Enchilada Chicken recipe is included in my digital cookbook The Meal Prep Manual – 60 Minute Meals. I like this recipe cause it makes it incredibly easy to get in a variety of vegetables.
The Taco Breakfast Bowls and Pork Carnitas recipes are included in The Meal Prep Manual-2nd Edition ebook. The Taco Bowls are my favorite breakfast option I have. The Carnitas take a little bit more time to cook but it’s always so worth it. The flavor you can get into the meat with such simple ingredients is amazing.
The Chicken Burrito Bowl recipe is included in The Meal Prep Manual-1st Edition eBook. It’s a recipe that I could make every week and never get sick of.

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