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Cheat Meals


Cheat Meals❗️?⠀
“I deserve it “⠀
“I can’t eat that because it’s not cheat day”⠀
I personally have experimented and have incorporated “cheat meals” for an extensive period of time. But honestly I think such label does more harm than good. Here is why ⬇️⠀
•cheat meals train you to think some foods as “forbidden” or “bad”.⠀
•thoughts of cheat meals can consume you and will constantly cause you to think about the foods you aren’t allowing yourself to eat.⠀
•cheat meals can lead to binge eating causing loss of control and turning a cheat meal into a cheat day or even week.⠀
Instead allow for an open relationship with food that allows for flexibility and experimentation, you should never eat in a restrictive way. Listen to your body and strive a to find a balance. Make smart choices and enjoy yourself to eat the foods you love by staying mindful and practicing true moderation?⠀
Here’s lunch with one my favorite childhood snacks— Hot Cheetos—I Know?



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