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This lemon tiramisu with lemon curd and fluffy yoghurt mousse. It's me…


This lemon tiramisu with lemon curd and fluffy yoghurt mousse.
I'm so excited about the consistency of the yoghurt mousse that I'm sure I'll try more combinations in the future. You may be curious. But now there is the recipe for this heavenly lemon tiramisu with homemade lemon curd
300 g of Greek yogurt
about 50 g of powdered sugar to taste
½ tsp vanilla extract
1 organic lemon
200 g Rama Cemefine
about 150 grams of lemon curd
200 g Crunchy Muesli, Amarettini or crumbled biscuits

This lemon tiramisu is super fast and easy to prepare. First of all you need two mixing bowls. In the first bowl you stir the Greek yoghurt together with powdered sugar, vanilla, the juice of half an organic lemon creamy. In the second bowl you whip up the cream and then lift it under the yoghurt cream.

Biscuits and amarettini you should shred a little in advance. The cereal can be just as it is. The crunch is now followed by the fluffy yoghurt mousse. Next, add a thin layer of Lemon Curd and repeat the layering until your dessert glass is full and you have finished the Tiramisu Lemon with a layer of yoghurt mousse.

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