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Cantaloupe vs Honeydew. I love all kinds of melons. I think they are the greates…


Cantaloupe vs Honeydew. I love all kinds of melons. I think they are the greatest fruits. They are low calorie and taste great. Here are some quick nutrition facts on cantaloupe vs honeydew. .
Believe it or not, cantaloupe is more nutrient dense than honeydew in just about every category, granted it’s only by a small amount in most areas. It’s hard to say one is better than the other, they are both fine to eat. If you prefer honeydew, by all means eat it! The nutritional differences are all close enough it doesn’t really make a difference. .
I tend to lean toward cantaloupe because I think it is easier to pick out a good one. When it comes to picking a good cantaloupe, look first for a melon without a ton of blemishes. Next, find one that is heavy for its size. More weight means more water and that will lead to a juicer melon. Third, find one that smells floral. When cantaloupes are ripe they have a flowery smell to them. The last step I take when picking a ripe cantaloupe is pressing on the butt end opposite the stem. If it is soft and meets all other factors, it is probably ripe and ready to eat ??
For honeydew a lot of the same qualities exist. Find one that has a yellowish, golden color and is dull. If it is super shiny that is an indicator it is not ripe. If the honeydew has a bit of give to it, that is another indicator it is ripe. Knocking on the melon to hear for a hollow inside can work as well! .

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