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A couple of options for your breakfast and lunch preps!

A couple of options for your breakfast and lunch preps! For breakfast is Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash and BBQ Chicken with Sweet Potato Tots and Sweet Corn for lunch. The recipe for the breakfast hash is in the 1st Edition of my digital cookbook and the recipe for the BBQ Chicken  🍗🍗🍗🍳🍳🍳
I often get questions when I post a picture including eggs in a meal prep post. Yes you can meal prep eggs but they tend to lose freshness quicker than other foods. Hard boiled eggs are the best method for cooking and storing throughout the week. They keep texture and flavor better than other methods. Scrambled eggs are probably 2nd best and fried eggs would be the worst. I still do prep fried eggs occasionally when I’m feeling lazy but I prefer to just make my fried eggs the day of. .
I grew up in Iowa for much of my youth. Part of living in Iowa is eating sweet corn during the summers. If you’ve never had a good ear of Iowa sweet corn you are missing out. It’s nothing like that bullshit you buy in a can or a frozen bag. It is crunchy and sweet and when you cover it in butter and salt it is mouthwatering. Corn isn’t something I eat often but it’s great to include as a treat every so often! If you have a grill this meal is super quick to make. You can make all your meat at the same time and cut your cooking time in half. .

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