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Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Taco Bowls and Salsa Roja

Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Taco Bowls and Salsa Roja from Page 55 of The Me…


Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Taco Bowls and Salsa Roja

Meal Prep is not only used for improving your health but it is also a money saving and time saving strategy. Restaurant lunches in my area cost at least $10 and I can make these taco bowls for between $3-$4. Thats $30 over the course of the workweek and that adds up over the year. Some people will ask me why I think Meal Prep is important for making body composition changes and I think the best answer is that it gives you a refrigerator full of predictable meals, designed to help you reach your goals. It takes the thinking out of dieting. You don’t have to worry about choosing this or that which also saves you from decision fatigue!!⁣

On the weight loss side I used ground turkey instead of ground beef. Choosing a leaner meat obviously going to help reduce the total caloric load. The weight loss side also has cauliflower rice. When I make cauliflower rice I always make sure to season it in some way to help mask the cauliflower flavor. The salsa roja also helps with this in this dish. I love to make my own salsas, it’s super easy and the satisfaction of making your own makes them taste so much better. ⁣

On the weight gain side I used 1 cup of regular rice and ground beef in a greater amount than the weight loss side. The greens in the middle are shredded Brussels sprouts, not lettuce. They are much heartier and take the heat of the microwave better than lettuce and are actually better when warmed up. As with all of these weight loss vs weight gain posts, find your number for calorie balance and adjust as needed. ⁣

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