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Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Sloppy Joe Breakfast Bowls


Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Sloppy Joe Breakfast Bowls. This recipe is posted on my website under the recipes tab, I’ll post a swipe link in my story for those of you who see this within 24 hours, it makes 4 servings ?@themealprepmanual⁣⠀
If you need a change of pace from typical breakfast recipes then this might be up to your liking. The recipe is on my website Yes, I know the link in my bio isn’t clickable. That’s on purpose. If you click there it opens up in instagrams built in web browser and it causes too many issues when people try to purchase a copy of my books so I disabled it. You’ll have to open up your normal web browser and type it in by hand like a pleb. ⁣⠀
The sloppy joe meat isn’t something that is often synonymous with breakfast but it pairs well with the sweet potato and eggs making for a harmonious combination. The weight loss side obviously has less sweet potatoes (about 200g total for the whole recipe) and the omission of the egg yolks saves a ton of calories. The weight gain side has more eggs plus the yolks and more than double the potatoes (about 500g for the recipe). These images are meant to show visuals of what your meals could start to look like if you wanted to lose or gain weight. Obviously the totals will look different for everyone depending on size and activity levels. ⁣⠀
❓How do you get 5 egg halves?⁣⠀
❗️You cut 3 eggs in half. ⁣⠀
❓What am I supposed to do with the extra half egg?!? Stupid and wasteful. Dumb. I hate it. ⁣⠀
❗️It makes 4 servings. 4×5=20. 20/2=10 eggs. You don’t have any extra. Crazy how math works. ⁣⠀
❓What can I swap the sweet potatoes with?⁣⠀
❗️Whatever your little heart desires. ⁣⠀
❓I can’t find ground turkey where I live. ⁣⠀
❗️Use chicken or beef ⁣



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