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Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Orange Chicken

Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Orange Chicken from The Meal Prep Manual-60 Minu…


Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Orange Chicken

I threw this together yesterday afternoon in 45 minutes. Having a collection of recipes that I can put together in under an hour has been a godsend for me. I haven’t had the motivation to meal prep the last few weeks but if I don’t cook it means I won’t eat lunch because I refuse to spend $10+ on lunch out. Getting in and out of the kitchen in an hour makes it easier for me to just bite the bullet and get it done.⁣

The weight loss side has the obvious omission of rice and a less obvious change is that it contains half the amount of sauce as the weight gain side. The weight gain side has a cup of rice, a bit more chicken, and more sauce for flavoring. You don’t have to cut out rice to lose weight. Lots of people see images like this and will tag one of their friends and say “see, you have to take out the carbs”. No you don’t. Rice is omitted because I believe that it is the easiest/most effective way for people to cut calories. It’s not carbs that have to be cut, it’s calories. If you left the rice in and cut out an equivalent amount of calories from somewhere else it would lead to similar results. Keeping protein high and vegetable intake up is preferred for satiety’s sake. ⁣

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