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Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Firecracker Chicken

Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Firecracker Chicken from Page 23 of The Meal Pre…


Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Firecracker Chicken
The key to good chicken is to not overcook it. You have to remember that with meal prep you’re cooking it a second time in the microwave so if you cook it to 190F and pull all the moisture out then microwave it and pull even more juice out it’s going to taste bad. Sometimes I like to recommend cutting the chicken into a large dice and add it back to the pan. Not only does this help amateur cooks ensure their meat is fully cooked, but you can also get great color on the meat which leads to flavor. One downside of doing this is that you will lose some moisture. That is why I only prefer to do so with chicken thighs and not chicken breasts. Buy a meat thermometer and stop cooking your chicken past 165F. You need to create chicken with even thickness to accomplish the best product. Use a tenderizer or butterfly the chicken breasts to achieve even thickness. In this recipe I like to cut the breast into thin pieces to ensure not only even but also fast cooking. ⁣

When it comes to changing body composition whether that be weight loss or weight gain it comes down to consistently being in the correct state of energy balance. If you want to lose weight you should be on the negative side and vice versa if you want to gain weight. This number is not a human standard. Everyone is different depending on your weight, activity, age, and sex among other factors. Watch my story highlight called calorie intake if you need assistance here. The weight loss and weight gain pictures above might not fit everyone and adjusting serving sizes may be necessary. The images represent what your meals could look like if you wanted to achieve either goal. ⁣

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