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Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Chili Lime Chicken

Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Chili Lime Chicken from Page 85 of The Meal Prep…


Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Chili Lime Chicken. Remember that making body composition changes will look different for everyone. If you need help determining how many calories you need to eat per day, go watch my story highlight called calorie intake ?
I’m not a huge fan of lentils but for the sake of variety I included them into this recipe. Rice or potatoes is my usual choice but it’s nice to switch it up every so often. Make sure you rinse and sift through your lentils before you cook them. Every single time I’ve made lentils (which isn’t a lot) I’ve found small rocks in with the lentils. That’s not out of the ordinary, just something you need to be aware of. I don’t recommend biting into rocks, that doesn’t sound like very much fun. It makes my mouth feel weird just thinking about it. .
The difference between the two meals is pretty obvious here so there isn’t a whole lot to say about them. The weight loss side has more of the high volume, low calorie foods and the weight gain side has less. One thing you can’t see in the picture is that the lentils on the weight gain side has a tablespoon of olive oil drizzled over the top to add calories without adding nearly any volume.
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