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What is your favorite way to cook salmon or fish?


What is your favorite way to cook salmon or fish?⠀
Sharing yesterday’s packed lunch ??? Crispy salmon, shaved brussel sprouts that were sooooo crispy, and sweet potato chips ? Leftovers two days in a row but no complaints over here ??‍♀️ ⠀
Had this meal on the go yesterday because we had a long drive home (although I did stop for my fav @chickfila salad ?) and had to take Manning ? to the vet before heading out (she has a bladder infection- we discovered it because she peed in the house multiple times ? but overall just glad to know she’s okay!) so luckily in all the craziness I had this meal to hold me over ?? Had a fun day wedding dressing shopping for one my fav gals and now off to dinner with Eli and his parents! Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!! ❤️ ⠀
healthyfood details ?? 1 piece of salmon sprinkled with a little chipotle seasoning + pink Himalayan salt cooked for 3 mins on each side over medium heat in olive oil + shaved brussel sprouts cooked in olive oil in the skillet until crispy (about 6-7 mins) + leftover sweet potato chips



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