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Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Chamorro Chicken

Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Chamorro Chicken, recipe from The Meal Prep Manu…


Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Chamorro Chicken,
Looking at this picture it may seem like the only difference between the two is the addition of rice. The weight gain side has 1 cup of rice but it also has olive oil drizzled over the rice adding calories. I use 28oz containers in my preps. You can see that both of the meals have a similar volume of food. You don’t have to sacrifice volume to lose weight, you just need to adjust what makes up that volume. Obviously vegetables are a good choice to fill that void. They take up lots of space for only a few calories ?? I know they don’t taste the best, trust me I hate them more than anyone, but that’s why you include things like the pineapple salsa. The sweet and tangy flavors of the salsa will help to over power the flavors of the vegetables. Luckily the vegetables in this meal are pretty mild so even on their own they aren’t as bad as others, but every little bit helps!!
If you don’t watch my stories you miss out on the best content this page has to offer so what are you doing???? One question I’m asked more than almost anything is how to calculate how many calories you need to eat per day. You can estimate your calorie needs in 3 ways. 1) Go to a university or hospital and sit in a metabolic ward for a week (not practical). 2) Use an online calculator for estimating BMR (quick, lacks precision. Probably close enough though) or 3) Eat the same amount of calories everyday for 2 weeks and keep your activity the same. At the end of the 2 weeks, weigh yourself and see where you’re at. If you lost weight, your maintenance calories are higher than expected and vice versa. I prefer to use a BMR calculator to give you a rough estimate and then do the experiment mentioned in point 3 to validate that number. So many of you will just do the calculation and skip out on the experiment. If you want an accurate value, do the experiment. I’ve observed that 9/10 people overestimate their activity levels when they do just the calculations. This is why experimenting is important. Invest 2 weeks to get a more accurate value!!



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