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Hello my dears ! How are you? Hope well .. some of you are already to …


Hello my dears ! How are you? Hope well .. some of you are already in Fibo fever !! I'm so happy for you. I would have liked it too, but unfortunately it doesn't work because of the renovation! You can not have everything! Maybe it will work out next year. I'm always very optimistic ☺
Carb low carb ice cream 《
250 ml milk | 250 g cream | 4 egg yolks | 90 g xucker (xylitol)
Boil the milk and cream briefly and let them cool. Beat the egg yolks with the Xucker until frothy, pour in the lukewarm cream milk and stir in quickly. Now whip the mixture until it is creamy in a hot water bath, similar to a zabaione.
Fill a larger bowl with ice cubes and place the bowl with the ice cream in it. Continue stirring for 6–8 minutes. Then everything in the freezer for about 4 hours.
Toped with @leibniz_de biscuits and frozen berries?.
Have a nice day you love! ,
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