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Weight Loss vs Weight Gain Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches

Weight Loss vs Weight Gain Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches from page 102 of The Meal…


Weight Loss vs Weight Gain Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches

Here is a fantastic option for low carb dieters and gluten free individuals that miss eating bread. Breakfast sandwiches have always been one of my favorites things to eat in the morning but I’ve discovered within the past couple of years that I have a sensitivity to wheat. I’ve never been a fan of the gluten free options that you can buy at the store, they just don’t do it for me. Until I discovered this recipe, I had thought my days of eating breakfast sandwiches were over. Thank god I discovered a new vehicle to carry the wonders that are breakfast foods into my mouth. These waffles are made from eggs and nut butter so they taste great and have a surprisingly good texture. Something about waffle makers makes non-wheat bread items taste better. You can make pancakes from this recipe too but they don’t get as fluffy as they do in the waffle maker. ⁣

This time on the weight loss side I went for ease of cooking instead of trying to minimize the caloric load. If you want to reduce the calories even further you could remove the yolk from the egg, use fat free cheese, and use more eggs in the waffle batter instead of a Nut butter. The weight gain side is just doubling the recipe to make 2 sandwiches! If you want to get perfect eggs like in this picture I would suggest baking them. Just crack them into a ramekin and bake until they have set. The waffle batter can also be customized to augment this recipe. One of my favorite ways to do so is to sauté a jalapeño and add it to the batter with some shredded cheese ??⁣⁣

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