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Two fantastic options for your lunch and dinner preps this next week. For lunch …


Two fantastic options for your lunch and dinner preps this next week. For lunch is Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps and for dinner, Chicken Burrito Bowls (my #1 favorite meal prep dish ?)
The best part about the lettuce wraps is that you can eat them cold! I know some of you are unable to reheat your meals during your workday so this is definitely one for you to try out. I use Buffalo sauce quite often in my meals for two reasons 1) because I like it and 2) because it’s just vinegar and spices. It is extremely macro friendly while providing mountains of flavor. If you wanted to reheat the chicken, I would store these wraps deconstructed to make your life easier when it comes time to microwave them. You can serve these with avocado, lime, or even shredded carrots for some extra vegetables ??
I don’t know if Burrito Bowls will ever be topped as my favorite meal prep dish. They just work so well and always taste great. Sometimes I like to cook huge batches of the chicken and freeze it for later use because I enjoy eating it so much. I use chicken thighs in my bowls because I think it makes for a better tasting dish and they keep better throughout the week but if you wanted something more calorie conscious, chicken breasts would work just fine. And yes, my guacamole stays green all week because I put a lid on it and create an airtight seal ??

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