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Sloppy Joe Breakfast Bowls

Sloppy Joe Breakfast Bowls. This recipe is posted on my website under the recipe…


Sloppy Joe Breakfast Bowls. This recipe is posted on my website under the recipes tab ? I unfortunately don’t have any heart shaped cookies or red/pink foods to share with you today because I have been messing with a chocolate cookie recipe this last week and I just can’t quite get it right. Today is Thursday which means tomorrow is the day for our weekly Q&A sessions. If you are seeing this within 24 hours and have a question related to eating/nutrition/fitness that you’ve always needed an answer to, go leave it in the question box?
Over the past week or 2 I’ve been working on getting all of the recipes onto my website to make them easier for you guys to find. I believe I’ve gotten to 90% of them so go check them out ? This recipe in the picture above has been recreated by a bunch of you since the last time that I posted it. I’ve received a lot of good feedback on it and I’m glad you are all enjoying it. Getting a good source of protein first thing in the morning is something I try to do daily. Having a breakfast with an animal protein is an easy way for me to accomplish this. Protein in the morning is good for those of us looking to build muscle because it helps to stimulate muscle protein synthesis which has been downregulated during our sleep. .
Some of you guys outside of the US have said that you can’t find ground turkey in your country. Ground chicken is the next best choice but any ground meat will work. Some of you said you don’t like sweet potatoes. Swap them for something you do like. Hard boiled eggs are preferred because I’ve found they last better in the fridge throughout the week. .

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