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Satay Chicken and Vegetables


Satay Chicken and Vegetables  and Chicken Souvlaki with Roasted Vegetables and Tzatziki Sauce
Here are two great chicken options to include in your weekly preps. The summation of both of these meals comes in under 1000 calories, making them a great lunch and dinner option for anyone interested in weight loss. The Chicken Souvlaki is chicken breast marinated in lemon juice and seasonings and grilled for a wonderful flavor. The Tzatziki sauce is a combination of Greek yogurt and cucumber giving the dish a layer of freshness. You can serve them on a skewer or not, the skewer just makes them easier to cook when it comes to flipping the meat on the grill. I would recommend removing the skewer before storing your meals! .
The Satay Chicken with Vegetables meal was inspired by a similar meal I have eaten in a restaurant before. I included sweet potatoes as a part of the vegetables here and they taste amazing with the peanut sauce. I parboiled them and then grilled them to put some grill marks on each side. It’s a method of cooking the sweet potatoes that is different than the norm and can provide you with some variety. The flavors are very different than what a lot of us are used to in the western world. The yellowish tint on the Chicken is from turmeric. There is a compound in turmeric called curcumin that has anti inflammatory and anti oxidative properties. Curcumin can also increase levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which is a key player in the growth of new neurons and can assist in fighting against degeneration of the brain. So turmeric is not only great for you, but it is a nice change of pace from the popular western flavor profile.

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