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Salsa/Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bowls

Salsa/Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bowls from The Meal Prep Manual – 60 Minute Meals @…


Salsa/Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Bowls
These chicken quinoa bowls are one of the most customizable meals you can make. Pictured here are Salsa Chicken and Buffalo Chicken. You can also make BBQ Chicken, Curry Chicken, Chipotle Chicken, or Greek Chicken. Change up the vegetables to match the flavors and you’ve got yourself a meal. For those of you who struggle with eating the same thing every day this might be a strategy for you to consider. I like to serve each meal with some kind of sauce so that the quinoa has something to be flavored by. I end up just mixing everything together and eat it as one comprehensive dish. For the salsa chicken that sauce is just salsa. For the Buffalo Chicken that sauce is Greek yogurt mixed with ranch dressing dip. ⁣

Another tip for meals like this is to buy and use a cast iron grill pan. I think you get a far superior product by cooking with cast iron. The grill pan will give you nice color as well and will make your food look nice. I always pound my chicken to even thickness to make sure I don’t overcook it and it stays juicy. The reason so many people struggle with cooking chicken breast is because they throw that fat, misshapen chicken breast on a pan and the fat end takes 3x longer to cook than the thin end. Doing this creates a crust and dry meat that no one wants to eat. ⁣

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