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Salmon with cauliflower gnocchi and sautéed kale


Salmon with cauliflower gnocchi and sautéed kale ? Anything paired with salmon always sounds good to me but crispy cauliflower gnocchi is just too good ? We don’t have an @traderjoes in our town so I stockpile these bags like once a month ? ⠀
The first time I tried the gnocchi, I hated it ? But that’s because I tried to cook according to package instructions ??‍♀️ They really need to fix that because it is soooo off. If you want crispy gnocchi- you’ve got to ignore the package and instead thaw them out (either boil or microwave) then add olive oil to a pan over low medium heat, and the gnocchi in, and sauté them until they’re crispy on the outside ?? Eat them plain or if you’re feeling crazy, pair with some salmon because the combo is ? It was a rainy Sunday afternoon over here so I spent approximately 2 hours at Target because what else do you do when it rains? ?? The sky cleared up though so now I’m getting my run in??‍♀️ and which isn’t quite as much fun as hanging out in Target all day but still enjoyable ? Hope you all had a good day! ❤️⠀
healthyfood details ?? 1/2 a package of @traderjoes cauliflower gnocchi thawed out then sautéed in olive oil for 7-8 minutes over low medium heat + leftover salmon + sautéed kale



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