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Salmon with a little bit of pasta on the side

Salmon with a little bit of pasta on the side 😎 I’ve been craving this plant based Mac and cheese since I had it last week and it didn’t disappoint today 😍 Paired with a crispy piece of salmon and some avo which also never disappoints 😉 ⠀
Used @traderjoes cashew based cheese sauce and it’s just so good 😍 I know some people aren’t the biggest fans but I’ve found if you warm it up- it’s way better 💯 Just did an easy piece of salmon and everything was ready in 15 mins 👌🏻 I also used chickpea pasta again because it’s got more fiber and protein than regular pasta 🙌🏻 Heading out now for a walk with a friend to enjoy a beautiful spring day ☀️ Hope you guys had a fabulous Tuesday! 💕 ⠀
healthyrecipe details 👉🏻 Easy 6 minute salmon, just heat a skillet over medium heat and add a little olive oil, add the salmon in for 3 mins on each side. Boil some chickpea pasta (used @thrivemarket here but also love @eatbanza) and warmed some @traderjoes cashew cheese sauce + 1/4 avo + tomatoes


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