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Rice, Beans, and Scrambled Eggs. There is nothing fancy about this meal. It is o…


Rice, Beans, and Scrambled Eggs. There is nothing fancy about this meal. It is one of my go to’s when I have no food prepped and want something super quick. I almost always have rice to use up so this ends up being a 5 minute meal. This meal costs less than a dollar, has a decent serving of protein, and is insanely palatable. The best part about it is that it’s cooked in the microwave ??⁣

Believe it or not, microwaved scrambled eggs are one of the best ways to make eggs in my opinion. I’m not huge on scrambled eggs unless I make them myself because so many people overcook scrambled eggs. The microwave makes them better than you probably think it can. Scramble 2 eggs and a splash of milk together and microwave in 1 minute intervals. It will only take a 60-75 seconds to cook and the result is a perfectly fluffy and soft scrambled egg. You don’t have to worry about getting that disgusting brown crust on your scrambled eggs and it only takes a minute to cook. Big fan of microwaved scrambled eggs. ⁣

Growing up in a half Asian household, we ate rice practically everyday and to this day I almost always have leftover rice in the fridge. It makes it super easy to make this dish if you have rice already cooked. Minute rice can work if you need it to. If you don’t have rice ready then your cooking time will obviously increase but just have rice ready okay??? Okay. The black beans are canned so 30 seconds in the microwave and they are done. I like to serve this meal with chopped cilantro and lime juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste.⁣

I used to eat this meal when I lived in Brazil. A lot of Latin cultures share the same dish but for some reason rice and beans isn’t that popular in the States. For any of you who struggle with gaining weight I urge you to try rice and beans. It’s highly palatable, super cheap, and has a full amino acid profile. ⁣

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