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Happy Saturday Everybody ☀️⠀
Currently Carb Loaded 😎⠀
Here is a glance of what my dayzzz currently look like. Its getting harder to eat all of this fooooood😬 in only 4 meals so eating 6x times a day now.⠀
Remember that meal frequency is totally up to you and your lifestyle, goals, and preferences. At the end of the day eating 6, 4, or 3 meals a day are all effective if you are consuming the proper numbers of calories geared for your goals✨⠀
Meal 1 🥞⠀
💛1 Dave’s killer bagel⠀
💛2 whole eggs⠀
💛1 egg white⠀
💛2oz turkey breast⠀
💛1 c strawberries⠀
💛Tomatillo salsa⠀
Meal 2 🍲⠀
💚6 oz salmon⠀
💚6oz yellow potatoes⠀
💚2oz Avocado⠀
💚1c cherry tomatoes⠀
Snack 1🍏⠀
💛1 c quinoa pudding⠀
💛1 c raspberries⠀
Meal 3🍜⠀
💚4oz chicken breast⠀
💚1c rice⠀
💚1/2c corn⠀
💚Zucchini veggie stir fry⠀
Snack 2🍎⠀
💚Medium apple⠀
💛1 tbsp almond butter⠀
Meal 4🥙⠀
💛3/4c Greek yogurt⠀
💛1/2 scoop whey⠀
💛1/2 banana⠀
💛.5oz walnuts⠀


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