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Instant Pot Chicken Congee

Instant Pot Chicken Congee. I caught a demon inside my body somewhere in sin cit…


Instant Pot Chicken Congee. I caught a demon inside my body somewhere in sin city and I have still yet to kick it. This is my favorite dish to make when I’m sick because it’s quick, easy to eat, and I can still get in my nutrients easily.
I posted a similar recipe back in January. I used a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables this time. It works just as well and you can cut out one step of the cooking process. You can mix an match just about anything you want in this. As long as you keep about a 4:1 ratio between liquid to rice you should get the right consistency. This isn’t meant to be soup and not regular rice, more of a mixture between the two. It’s soft and mushy and very easy for old people, babies, and sick people to eat. .
1.5 lbs chicken thighs
32oz chicken broth
1 tbsp garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 onion, diced
1 lb frozen vegetables
1 cup uncooked rice
Salt and pepper to taste
Parsley optional
1. I used an instant pot for this. You can use a regular pot on the stove top it will just take longer. Put the instant pot on sauté. Add the oil, garlic, and onion. Cook for a few minutes.
2. Add the vegetables. Cook a few minutes.
3. Add the broth, rice, and chicken. Cook on high pressure for 20 minutes. If using a regular pot simmer it for 20-30 minutes. Never done it this way so just watch it closely.
4. Shred chicken and mix. Season to taste. Makes 5 servings. .
❓Can I use chicken breast?
❗️What makes you think you can’t? Obviously. Problem solve. ❓Do I have to use frozen vegetables?
❗️No. it’s just easier. ❓Can you make a vegetarian/vegan version?
❗️I can’t believe this is a real question I get on this page. Not only is it obviously not a plant based page, think of how easy it is to take the meat out of a recipe and make it vegetarian. Why do I need to do that for you? Do it yourself and that’s obvious. Problem solve. I’m not your babysitter. ❓Can I just stir in cooked rice?
❗️You can but you won’t get the same consistency. Over hydration of the rice is what gives the mushy texture. ❓What if I don’t have an instant pot?
❗️You clearly didn’t read the whole recipe and now I’m mad.



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