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Miso Soup. I include mushrooms and green onions almost every time I make a bowl….

Miso Soup. I include mushrooms and green onions almost every time I make a bowl….


Miso Soup. I include mushrooms and green onions almost every time I make a bowl. This time I added some tofu to give it some more beef (lol). Some people like adding greens as well ?
This is one of my go to snacks when I just want something to occupy my time. It’s low calorie, it tastes good, and it is something that takes a little while to eat. I know there are a lot of people that say eating when your bored is bad and you shouldn’t do it. But guess what? We all do it. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you are one of those people who can snack on raw vegetables then by all means snack your boredom away. More vegetables is almost never a bad thing. Sure, if your eating highly palatable calorie dense food with little nutrients every time you get bored that’s not good. If you have a history of eating troubles then it may bring about other issues and working with a food therapist could be beneficial. But eating when you’re bored doesn’t always have to be something to turn your nose up at. .
I love miso paste. It’s one of my favorite smells in the world. It smells like a college party but in a good way. For all of you out there who have never had miso before, I highly suggest you buy some next time you are at the store. Miso is a mixture of soybeans and the mold koji that work together to ferment over a period of time to break down the beans into its fatty acids, sugars, and amino acids. It creates a paste that is unbelievable flavorful and produces a meaty, umami flavor that is practically a magic potion in cooking. .
To make this just boil some water and add in the tofu, mushrooms, and onions. Put the miso in a bowl and pour a bit of the hot water in and stir. This prevents clumping. Then pour the rest of the stuff in. If you make it with water you’ll want to add soy sauce to taste. If you make it will broth you’ll probably not need it. .
.❓Where do I buy miso paste?
❗️At the store or an Asian market. Get white miso. Brand doesn’t matter. ❓What can I substitute miso for?
❗️It’s MISO soup you dummy. ❓I don’t like mushrooms/onions/tofu
❗️Then leave them out and that’s obvious. .


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