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Middle Eastern Chicken with Turmeric Rice


Middle Eastern Chicken with Turmeric Rice

The difference between these two dishes isn’t as obvious as some of the other ones I share with you. The first difference is that the weight loss side has less chicken than the right side. Another way to cut back on calories would be to swap chicken thighs for chicken breasts but as you guys know, I always recommend thighs for meal prepping for the extra fat to keep it moist upon reheating. The other difference is the amount of rice. The right side has more rice and less vegetables than the weight loss side. To keep the total volume of food the same for both meals, the amount of vegetables mixed into the rice is greater on the weight loss side. ⁣

Gaining and losing weight is a function of calorie balance over a period of time. If you need assistance in learning how many calories you should be eating per day go watch my story highlight called calorie intake to get an estimate. These images are to be used as a guide for what your meals could start to look like. They are not a one size fits all solution. ⁣

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