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Making Vegetables Suck Less: Part 1. Cauliflower Rice.


Making Vegetables Suck Less: Part 1. Cauliflower Rice. I’ve tried to make cauliflower rice a handful of times and it is never even in the same Ball Park as regular rice when it comes to enjoyment. It’s still always got the same dirt taste that cauliflower has BUT….there is a way to make it serviceable ??
If you are not a full blown keto/low carb dieter then you don’t have to go all in when it comes to some of these health swaps. Swapping some percentage of your white rice with riced cauliflower is a great, painless way to add some more vegetables into your diet. Some vegetables is absolutely better than no vegetables ??
I’ve spent the past few years of my life trying to painlessly incorporate vegetables into my meals. I am an analytical person and I believe just about anything in life can be solved with math, hiding vegetables is no different. I haven’t perfected my formula yet but I have it down to a basic skeleton, I just need to lock down my coefficients. So what I have come up with is a Vegetable Satisfaction Score which is determined from the following, each term is ranked on a scale from 1-10: VSS = (.35)texture + (.35)flavor + (.2)size + (0.05)looks + (0.05)smell. A perfect VSS is 10 and means that the hidden vegetable is equal to the satisfaction of whatever it is hidden in, this is very unlikely. A score of 1 is equivalent to the raw vegetable. I find that texture and flavor are equally important when it comes to hiding vegetables. The size of the vegetables plays a 2nd place role and smell and looks play a small role because they are important when it comes to food enjoyment, but not as much as our other factors. .
So let’s get a VSS for a cauliflower and rice mixture. The texture of cooked, riced cauliflower is soft but harder than regular rice so we will score it a 7. The flavor of the riced cauliflower is quite mild but not great, score = 5. Size = 10 because we can make riced cauliflower the exact size of rice. Looks also a 10. Smell will get a 7. So….
➖VSS=0.35(7)+0.35(5)+0.2(10)+0.05(10)+0.05(7)=7.05. That’s a pretty solid score meaning that riced cauliflower + rice is a painless choice for adding vegetables into your meals ?



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