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Leftover chicken nuggets with lots of veggies for dinner today


Leftover chicken nuggets with lots of veggies for dinner today ? Had plans to make a bunch of recipes today ahead of the wedding next weekend but things got busy so instead of recipe testing, I had this bowl of leftovers and it was easy, simple, and filling ?? -⠀
I am obsessed with these chicken nuggets from a few days ago ? An easy way to make chicken if you’re nervous about under cooking it because you can check each piece as you cook (I used to be soooo scared about undercooking chicken) Paired them with mashed avocado again because that combo was delicious last time ? We managed to get a little fam walk in this afternoon which is my favorite Saturday activity ❤️ Now for more wedding stuff- Eli has a crazy test week for school next week so we’re packing a week early for the honeymoon tonight ??Hope you have a fun evening planned! -⠀
lunch details ?? Leftover chicken nuggets (recipe a few posts back) + 1/2 mashed avocado + roasted brussel sprouts + sweet potato chips (broiled at 500F for 10 mins on the bottom shelf) + tomatoes



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