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Homemade cheung fan ‘rice noodles’, anyone? 肠粉与酿豆腐⁣ ⁣Happy Sunday, friends, shar…


Homemade cheung fan ‘rice noodles’, anyone?? 肠粉与酿豆腐⁣
⁣Happy Sunday, friends?, sharing one of my favorite & most cost-saving breakfast food growing up – plain rice noodles. At the restaurant/food stall, you’ll have the option to select stuffed vegetables to go with it, but most stuffed vegetables are filled with fish paste, so homemade is my go-to?

Recipe (yields ~ 15 rolls)⁣
~ 1/2 cup rice flour⁣
~ 2 tablespoons tapioca starch⁣
~ 1 cup warm water⁣
~ 1 cup hot water⁣
~ oil⁣
~ a pinch of salt⁣
~ stuffed vegetables (see few posts back)⁣

✔️In a bowl, mix dry ingredients together. Then, add in warm water slowly & whisk until well combined. Using a pot/bowl with a pout, gradually add in hot water. Do it slowly to not overcook the dry ingredients & turn it into a lumpy mixture. Add a drizzle of oil & mix until well combined. ⁣
✔️⁣Prepare a steamer with water, two 8″ cake pans & a bowl of ice water (or sink with ice water). *Be sure to use a bowl that allows the 8″ pan to fit nicely for the rice noodles to cool off after steaming.⁣
✔️⁣To cook, bring a pot of water with a steaming rack/bowl in the middle to boil. Lightly brush a layer of oil on the pan & place it on the steaming rack. Stir batter before each use. Pour in 1/4 cups of the batter & slightly give it a swirl until it covers the whole pan’s surface. Cook rice noodles in high heat for 3-4 minutes, until it looks a bit transparent. Remove lid slowly & carefully place pan on an ice water bath to stop cooking. Start cooking your next layer while waiting for this to cool off.⁣
✔️⁣Using a spatula, loosen the side of the rice noodles, and start rolling from top to the bottom into a log. Lift it up and cut into smaller pieces??.⁣

Serve with hoisin & chili sauce or pair it with some homemade stuffed vegetables for an enjoyable meal. *These soft noodles are not suitable for stir-fries.⁣
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