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Funfetti Protein Cake Bites

Funfetti Protein Cake Bites. A high protein sweet snack that can be used as a pe…


Funfetti Protein Cake Bites. A high protein sweet snack that can be used as a perfect pre-bedtime treat.

These have awesome flavor considering what is included in the recipe. The shape and texture reminds me of the top of a cupcake if it was a bit denser. They aren’t as dense as a cookie but definitely not as fluffy as a cake. Those of you who drink casein shakes know how unappetizing they can be. This is a good way to get your nightly casein in that isn’t in shake form. ⁣

1 (48g) egg white ⁣
2 tbsp (15g) coconut flour⁣
1 scoop (30g) vanilla casein ⁣
1/2 tsp (2g) stevia⁣
3.5 tbsp (50g) plain non fat Greek yogurt ⁣
1 tsp (5g) rainbow sprinkles ⁣
2 tbsp + 1 tsp (35mL) water ⁣

1. Preheat oven to 350F. ⁣
2. Mix the dry ingredients together until incorporated making sure there is no clumping. ⁣
3. Add in the Greek yogurt and water. Stir to form dough. Add in sprinkles. ⁣
4. Use a cookie scoop to create balls and place on a greased cookie sheet. If you don’t have a scoop make ~1” balls. ⁣
5. Bake for 18-20 minutes. ⁣

❓Can I use whey/plant protein?⁣
❗️No. Don’t even try. It’s going to suck and be super dry and dense. For the 9,000 time, if you want to bake with protein powder, get casein. ⁣

❓What can I replace the sprinkles with?⁣
❗️A trip down memory lane to your teenage angst years so you can reflect on where you went wrong that you don’t want to eat rainbow sprinkles. Obviously you can leave them out, they aren’t doing much here but it’s more fun when they are in. Use whatever you want. ⁣

❓What can I swap the coconut flour for?⁣
❗️Nothing. It’s not substitutable if you want to keep the nutritional information similar. ⁣

❓Can I use a whole egg?⁣
❗️Yes. Just add in the extra calories. ⁣

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