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FOOD DIARY from yesterday


FOOD DIARY from yesterday ??? You don’t eat your oatmeal anymore? I got this question a few days ago. Yes, I do eat my protein oatmeal but currently being on cut, I prefer to have high fat high protein breakfast as I have more energy to start my day, it keeps me full longer and I don’t have that many cravings later on ? But I usually still get my oats with protein, nuts and fruit at one point throughout the day. Yesterday I had it after my hiking session because I was so hungry that I couldn’t wait my lunch. In total I had 6 big meals even though I am cutting but it’s only because my workout was very intense and it’s not my goal to have a huge calorie deficit. This is what I ate yesterday: ⠀⠀
1. ? Breakfast 1 – hard boiled eggs, half of avocado, slices of bacon, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. ⠀⠀
2. ? Breakfast 2 – protein oatmeal topped with figs, blueberries and nuts (pecans and cashews). 3. ? Lunch 1 – home cooked mussels (in butter, shallots, garlic, herbs) with rice cakes and cucumber (only mussels are pictured).⠀⠀
4. ? Lunch 2 – basmati rice, grilled beef, tomato, iceberg lettuce with olive oil and avocado. ⠀⠀
5. ? Snack – lentils with asparagus, goat cheese and cherry tomatoes. ⠀⠀
6. ? Dinner – healthy sweet potato lasagna with ground chicken, egg, cottage cheese, cheddar and broccoli on side. ⠀⠀
Total of 2’393 calories ? With a morning hiking session and 1’256 calories burned, I still believe I could have eaten more ? But overall it was a great day and I wasn’t hungry at all although I am cutting ? Win ✅!!



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