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Egg Stuffed Breakfast Peppers 3 Ways


Egg Stuffed Breakfast Peppers 3 Ways ?⠀

These stuffed peppers are FANTASTIC for breakfast…but, equally wonderful for lunch or dinnertime too, when you’re needing something FAST!⠀

makes 6 servings⠀

3 bell peppers, various colors if desired ⠀
6 eggs⠀

optional toppings:⠀
cherry tomatoes, chopped⠀
red onion, diced⠀
olives, chopped⠀
feta cheese, crumbled⠀
nitrate free deli turkey meat, chopped⠀
cheddar cheese, shredded⠀
chives, chopped⠀
bacon, cooked and crumbles⠀
corn, organic, frozen: thawed, or fresh⠀
sea salt and fresh ground black pepper, to your taste⠀
cooking spray⠀


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees f.⠀

Cut the pepper in half vertically right through the middle of the stem as shown and through to the bottom of the pepper. Cut out the seeds and place the peppers on the prepared baking tray.⠀

Lightly spray with cooking spray and season with salt and pepper, then roast for 10 minutes.⠀

Once the peppers are done roasting, take them out of the oven and very gently crack an egg into each one.⠀

Add your favorite topping combo to each, such as: ⠀
tomato, onions, olives ⠀
feta cheese; deli meat, cheddar ⠀
chives; or bacon, jalapeño and corn.⠀

Return to the preheated oven and bake for 12-15 minutes more, or until eggs whites are completely set.



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