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Chicken Burrito Bowls


Chicken Burrito Bowls I made these on Wednesday this week as a mid week prep. Sometimes I like to prep twice a week to keep my food a little bit fresher. If you don’t mind cooking twice a week I think this is the way to go. .
Out of all my recipes this one is my favorite to eat. People in the office are always siding eyeing this one when I bring it into work. It’s far cheaper than chipotle and you can add as much of the ingredients that you like. I always serve my Burrito Bowls with a side of pico de Gallo and guacamole but any kind of salsa would work as well. Everyone always asks how I keep the guacamole green. I slightly overfill the small container so that when I put the lid on the guacamole is pressing right against it creating an airtight seal. Some people say put lime juice on top or put the pit in but those never work for me. .
Other question I get asked all the time. How do you keep your rice from getting hard? First off, that has happened to me one time ever and I don’t know the reason why it never happens for me. Maybe it’s the way I cook it? Anyway. Mix in a bit of oil after it’s cooked and I bet it will help.
Another question. How do you keep your chicken from going dry? Don’t over cook it. A lot of us amateur cooks don’t know how to properly cook a chicken breast. Practice cooking to 165F and not much higher. If you constantly cook your chicken to 180F it’s going to be a pile of shit. Quit that. Also I almost always use chicken thighs. More fat is better for meal prep. .

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