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Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Enchilada Chicken


Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Enchilada Chicken

I’m often asked on posts similar to this “Do you mean muscle gain when you say weight gain?” And the answer is yes and no. I titled the two sides weight loss and weight gain instead of Fat Loss and Muscle Gain (what we are really looking for right?) because there is more to gaining muscle than just eating a larger portion. You will not gain muscle by simply eating more calories. You need to provide your body a stimulus to grow using some sort of resistance training. On top of just resistance training you should make sure you have a well structured training program and get adequate sleep as well. Unlike the weight gain side, you could lose fat with the weight loss side without doing any exercise because what matters most for losing weight is achieving a calorie deficit. Now you should still exercise because it’s good for you and it will accelerate the process but it’s not required to lose weight. .
The difference between the meals is pretty obvious here. The addition of rice adds a lot of carbs and calories which lend great to putting on muscle. The weight gain side also has a bit more meat. The weight loss side is mainly vegetables, gross I know, but sacrifices have to occur to make progress!!

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