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Chicken Buddha Bowls and a Korean Turkey Bowl

Chicken Buddha Bowls and a Korean Turkey Bowl.  These are two dishes that will b…


Chicken Buddha Bowls and a Korean Turkey Bowl.

Some of you have asked when I plan on releasing another digital cookbook. The answer is whenever I finish it. I’m really struggling to come up with good ideas for this one though. The theme of this book is 10 ingredients or less (not counting oil, salt and pepper). It is surprisingly difficult to develop a good tasting, complete meal using only 10 ingredients. I have scrapped more recipes than I’ve kept. It’s going to take a bit of time for this book. I want to keep it 10 ingredients or less to not only be more budget for some of you but also simpler for those who don’t have a lot of experience in the kitchen. The reason there hasn’t been a lot of new meal prep recipes as of late is because I’ve been testing new stuff for the book. I still eat all of the food I make so I can really only test a couple of recipes a week making it a slow process. All in good time though. ⁣

Also in the works is the ultimate meal prep snack book which is going to be filled with tons of snacks you can add to your weekly prep. I’m shooting for recipes that can go directly from freezer to microwave so you always have macro friendly, delicious treats on hand. While the development for the traditional meal prep recipes has been a grind. The development for snack recipes has been a raging success. Everything has turned out better than expected. And this book isn’t going to be any of that carrots and hummus or celery and peanut butter bullshit. This is going to have stuff you actually will enjoy eating. Swipe to see some of the stuff ?⁣

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