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Buffalo Chicken Dip and Chicken Kelaguen from The Meal Prep Manual – 1st Edition…


Buffalo Chicken Dip and Chicken Kelaguen

Many of you guys tell me that snacking is one of your biggest struggles. Each of my digital cookbooks has a few snack recipes included and I’m currently working on a new resource that will have tons of freezer friendly snack recipes so you will always have something to get you through the day. Snacking is really no different than your regular meal prepping. If you don’t spend the time to prepare some snacks how can you expect to quality options available? An few extra minutes during your prep can provide you with snacks that will last the week. ⁣

The Buffalo Chicken Dip can be eaten hot or cold and with or without something to dip into it. I like to heat in the microwave and eat it plain. Dipping raw vegetables into it is an option, a gross one at that, but still an option. The Chicken Kelaguen is a dish I grew up eating that works wonderfully as a high protein snack. It’s from the Mariana Islands and is meant to be eaten cold. It’s comprised of a whole chicken, lemon juice, salt, onions, coconut and chilies. ⁣

The nutrition information is for each serving and each dish is roughly 5 servings. It’s easier to store in one container instead of 5 individual ones which is why it’s pictured the way it is. If someone tries to say “no way that is all 178 calories” I’m going to equalize you.

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