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A quick prep recipe vs a longer prep recipe

A quick prep recipe vs a longer prep recipe. The quick recipe is the Kielbasa Bo…


A quick prep recipe vs a longer prep recipe. The quick recipe is the Kielbasa Bowls
Some of you are probably asking yourself why you would ever spend 3 hours cooking a meal and that’s a fair concern. Most of that cooking time is inactive and you can do other stuff but still does require a bit more time. Sometimes I’m just craving a more indulgent meal and it’s nice to add some variety to your preps. I don’t make the Carnitas often but it’s always so worth it when I do. They taste unbelievable and the fat content of the pork keeps the reheatability factor high. .
The Kielbasa Bowls can be cooked in the time it takes to cook the rice. The carrots, beans, and broccoli can be cooked in the microwave and the sausage is precooked and just needs to be browned. This is a turkey Kielbasa which saves on fat and lots of calories. Regular Kielbasa would be an easy swap for those trying to gain weight. Adding extra rice and beans is also an easy choice. Sausage with rice and beans will always have a special place in my heart. It’s one of those foods for me that brings back lots of memories. .
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