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A Quick Guide to Kitchen Knives.

A Quick Guide to Kitchen Knives.


A Quick Guide to Kitchen Knives. I recently started following #mealprep here on Instagram and I am astounded how many people I see on there using the wrong knives to cut their meats and vegetables. Using the wrong kind of knife can introduce a bit of a safety risk and is inefficient. Obtaining good knife skills will save you tons of time in the kitchen. I’ve watched too many people fumble through cutting an onion with a steak knife to not make this post. If you want to up your meal prep/cooking game, a good place to start is with a solid chef’s knife. .
On the top row are the Chef’s knife and Santoku. These are both great options for doing the bulk of your chopping. They are large blades ranging anywhere from 6-12 inches and have some weight to them to help you cut through bones and hard vegetables. These two knifes have a taller heel to allow your knuckles some space to chop. I prefer the Chef’s knife because it has a rounded blade which makes it easier to rock n chop. The santoku has a straight blade making this technique not as easy. Overall they are very similar knives and it comes down to personal preference. They will do much of the same jobs. .
In the second row is the filet knife and utility knife. I love using a filet knife when I need to make more finesse cuts like trimming fat from a roast or cutting thin slices. It is flexible and helps you get angles you can’t get with other blades. The utility knife is similar to a chefs knife where it can be used for a lot of different things. It has a smaller blade and a short heel so it’s not my favorite to use as an everyday knife. I don’t really use utility knives all that much. I prefer something I can get my knuckles under. .
In the last row are the bread knife and steak knife. These are not knives that should be used in the majority of your preparation. The bread knife has a long serrated blade that is great for bread and soft fruits. The serrated edge allows you to be able to saw and prevent squishing the foods. The steak knife should be reserved for the dinner table. The blade is too small and light to have any real use for the majority of your chopping. .


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