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10 minute meal prepped breakfast


10 minute meal prepped breakfast ? My go to meal prep is back again ? Whenever I know I need a quick meal for any time of day (because breakfast is the best no matter what time it is ?), I make this ?? Because it’s easy, filling, and so tasty ?? ⠀
The eggs take 7 minutes to boil and the sweet potatoes take 10 minutes to cook on broil ?? Paired with easy avocado and tomatoes- it’s so simple ? No cooking going on this weekend- feels good to take a break from the kitchen ? I’m in Ohio visiting my family and my stepmom is throwing a bridal shower for me tomorrow ? One of my girlfriends traveled with me so it was actually a fun day in the car yesterday ? Got some Starbucks this morning (and got caught in the rain ?) now off to run some wedding errands this morning ? So excited to see all my family tonight and tomorrow ? Hope you guys have a wonderful Saturday! ⠀
mealprep details ?? Bring a pot of water to boil and add the eggs in for 7 mins. For the sweet potatoes, preheat the oven to broil, slice a sweet potato into rounds, and broil on the bottom shelf for 10-12 minutes. Added in 1/2 an avo + tomatoes



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