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Zucchini mashed potato corn fritters


Zucchini mashed potato corn fritters – turned out so good, such a satisfying lunch. I’ve been seeing variations of these and my goal was to make it with as few ingredients as possible while still tasting good and SUCCESS. ⠀

Zucchini mashed potato corn fritters (will make 4):⠀
1 small russet potato (to yield: 1 cup mashed potato)⠀
1 zucchini, shredded & water squeezed out⠀
1/3 cup corn⠀
2 tbsp flour⠀
zest of 1 lemon⠀
salt and oregano⠀
Served with:⠀
bed of spinach⠀
cherry tomatoes⠀
yellow pepper⠀
green onion⠀
dairy-free yogurt⠀

Shred zucchini (I used the back of my potato peeler), add salt and using your hands (or a cloth / paper towel) try to squeeze as much water as possible out of it.⠀
In the meantime, either get your mashed potato ready or boil 1 russet potato (peeled and cut into cubes). The potato is done when your fork can easily pierce it. Using a masher or a fork, mash the potato with nothing else added.*⠀
Combine mashed potato, zucchini, 1/3 cup corn, 2 tbsp flour, zest of 1 lemon (you can skip it but adds so much flavor), generous salt & oregano.⠀
Form into 4 balls and flatten out with your hands into patties. Saute over medium heat with olive oil, flipping once. Handle carefully as they’re delicate! You can also bake them at 400F for 20 min, flip over for another 10-15 min until both sides are golden brown. *⠀
(If you’re using premade mashed potato that has either ingredients mixed in it you might need to add more flour. The patty should feel firm when forming, not runny)



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