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What a day of intermittent fasting looks like for me

What a day of intermittent fasting looks like for me


What a day of intermittent fasting looks like for me✌?⠀
This past week has been crazy for me specially my mornings so I’ve been using IF to my advantage.⠀
Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern and not a diet plan. It’s making a conscious decision to skip certain meals on purpose and instead eating your calories during a specific time window of the day.⠀
Personally when I fast I prefer the 16/8 protocol which consists of fasting for 16 hours and eating within an 8-hour window. This is what I find works best for MY lifestyle.⠀
Here is what I eat in a typical day while I fast. On this day I also didn’t workout so I kept my calories at maintenance since I am still lean bulking.⠀
??7am meal⠀
☕️Black coffee⠀
??12am meal⠀
?Vanilla Whey protein⠀
?Hemp seeds⠀
?Coconut flakes⠀
?Coconut milk⠀
?Mixed berries⠀
??3pm meal⠀
?Shredded rotisserie chicken⠀
?Mashed sweet potatoes⠀
?Cucumber salad⠀
?Olive oil dressing⠀
??7pm meal⠀
?Extra lean ground beef⠀
?Steamed broccoli⠀
?Avocado (not pictured)⠀
I personally prefer IF when I am trying to cut down on body fat but I will also use this method when time is a critical factor.⠀
What are your thoughts on IF? What’s your favorite time protocol?⠀
‼️Please disregard my mistypo it should be 12AM not 12PM??‍♀️❗️



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