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Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Taco Breakfast Bowls

Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Taco Breakfast Bowls from The Meal Prep Manual-2…


Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Taco Breakfast Bowls

As I’ve stated before, this is my favorite breakfast recipe I have. It’s always a pleasant sight to see when I open the fridge in the morning. The salsa is the king of this dish and provides so much flavor and freshness to the meal. Homemade salsa isn’t as hard to make as many people seem to believe. This one is just boiled vegetables blended together and it still has incredible flavor. ⁣

Customizing this dish to fit your body composition goals takes a few minor swaps. On the weight loss side there is a lesser serving of potatoes, a bit more scrambled eggs and the beef is substituted for ground turkey. The ground turkey is a 93/7 and the beef on the weight gain side is 85/15. If you equated the fat content the macros for the two meats would be essentially equal. Super lean ground beef, however, is quite pricey so I usually stick with a fattier grind. The weight gain side has more meat and potatoes than the weight loss side. This is a great meal to try out for those of you looking to gain weight because it’s super palatable and easy to eat. ⁣

As I always state with these, weight loss and weight gain is different for everyone. You ultimately need to determine serving sizes to fit your needs. These images are meant to show you what your eating could look like to meet these goals. ⁣

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