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Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Sweet Chili Chicken and Shrimp from The Meal Pr…


Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Sweet Chili Chicken and Shrimp from The Meal Prep Manual – 1st Edition. This is about the fishiest I get with my meal prep recipes so all of you who have asked for more, eat your heart out??
I don’t make this meal all that often but when I do I’m always surprised at how much I enjoy it. The sweet chili sauce is always just so palatable. Sometimes I’ll make the sauce by hand but it always tastes better in the jar because the jarred one has lots of sugar. I think the jarred stuff is worth it because you’re only using a small amount of sauce anyway and it is so much easier than making your own. .
As like always, weight loss and weight gain will be different for everyone. These meals are simply visual guides for what it could look like. Protein intake is a question I get asked about often. The minimum intake for protein is 0.8g/kg of body weight per day. However, if you want to gain muscle or lose weight this is too low. For people who are trying to put on muscle and gain weight there is data showing that 1g of protein/lb of body weight per day is recommended. For those who are trying to lose weight, using goal weight or lean body mass is a better number than body weight, especially for those who are severely overweight. Adequate protein is an absolute must for putting on muscle. The amino acids in the protein are the building blocks of muscle. Higher protein is helpful for weight loss because the thermic effect of protein is higher than the other macronutrients meaning it takes more energy to digest it. Many people are concerned that high protein intakes will ruin their kidneys and this isn’t supported by the current data in people who have already healthy kidneys. Intakes as high as 3-4x the RDA per day have been shown to be safe. .

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