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Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Pineapple BBQ Chicken


Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain with Pineapple BBQ Chicken,

This recipe is a great one to start with for all of you beginner chefs out there. You get some practice cooking chicken and roasting potatoes and that’s about all there is to it. The weight gain side has more chicken and potatoes to add the extra calories. Weight gain/loss portions are different for everyone ?

2.5lbs chicken thighs ⁣
1/4 cup Vinegar based BBQ sauce⁣
2 large sweet potatoes ⁣
2.5 cups frozen broccoli ⁣
3 cups of pineapple ⁣
2-3 tbsp olive oil⁣

1. Lightly coat the chicken thighs in a little olive oil and grilled them using a cast iron grill pan. ⁣
2. When they have cooked through, cut it into one inch pieces and put it back in the pan and add about 1/4 cup of a vinegar based BBQ sauce. ⁣
3. The broccoli is just frozen chopped broccoli and pineapple is a fresh pineapple. ⁣
4. Chop the potatoes into a small to medium size and roast at 400F in some olive oil for 20 minutes, flip halfway through. ⁣

❓What kind of BBQ sauce did you use?⁣
❗️I use Gates. It’s a KC brand but I’ve seen it in stores outside of KC as well so your store may carry it. If you’ve followed me long enough you’ve heard my theory on bottled sauces. The junkier the label, the better it will be. If the label looks like it was made in Microsoft paint, there is a good chance it is locally made which usually uses less and better ingredients because they don’t have the same industrial materials available. Look for locally made sauces. ⁣

❓I don’t like pineapple. ⁣
❗️Then don’t use it. Isn’t it crazy how you can make decisions to fit your needs? It’s just sitting there by itself anyway. Obviously that means you can omit it. Fresh pineapple is best to use, then frozen, then canned. ⁣

❓Frozen broccoli? Don’t you know fresh is healthier and tastes better? ⁣
❗️1st of all, frozen produce is not unhealthier by any means. It can actually be more nutritious because it’s picked at peak ripeness. Does fresh taste better? Maybe. But it all tastes like shit anyway so who really cares? The frozen stuff doesn’t require any work. ⁣



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