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Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Page 35 of The Meal P…


Weight Loss vs Weight Gain with Chicken Lettuce Wraps. The difference here is hard to see because unfortunately the overhead view doesn’t allow you to see any depth. The biggest difference is in the peanut sauce with about 2x more on the weight gain side. .
When I calculated the nutritional information for this I wish I would have added some rice or another carb source to the weight gain side. A good option would be to add it to the meat filling that way you get all the same flavoring. You could even get in some more vegetables from the extra volume creating more filling to add more lettuce boats. There is more chicken on the weight gain side even though it may not look like it. The main difference though is in the peanut sauce. Peanut butter is obviously pretty high in calories so it makes for an easy way to add flavor and energy to the meal. Using a powdered peanut butter is an option to decrease the calorie and fat load on the weight loss side even farther. .
Listen to me when I say this, weight loss and weight gain are different for everyone. To all of you insolent muppets that don’t follow me and are going to comment “I’d lose weight eating both of those”, I literally couldn’t care any less so you might as well save the calories you are about to burn typing out that comment to prevent you from losing any more weight. Bye. Obviously calorie needs are different for everyone. As I stated before, I wish I would have included some rice in the weight gain side both for visual and nutritional purposes. Rice doesn’t make you gain weight. Excess calories do. Just because I usually omit rice on the weight loss sides doesn’t mean that rice makes you gain weight. Omitting rice/starches are just my preferred way of cutting calories because 1)protein is the most important macro for making body composition changes and 2) vegetables are high volume and nutrient dense. It just makes sense to cut out the starch. Leave it in if you want and cut something else. .

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